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Roman Candle Magazine - Issue Two


At long last we have Issue Two of Sam Waller's magazine Roman Candle. I've been paging through this since I received it and like any good magazine, I've been finding new stuff in it even when I feel like I've read the whole thing. This morning I happened across a funny anecdote about some friction between the aesthetics of a pair of New Balance shoes and a domestic partner that hit close to home. Here's Sam's description of the contents:

"Only three years after issue one, the second issue of Roman Candle magazine is finally done. Sticking with the vague theme of ‘stuff I find interesting’, this one features…

—An interview with photo-man Chris Shaw about his stint as a night porter, Norman Wisdom and the alchemy of the darkroom.
—A chat with artist Dick Jewell about found photos and club culture.
—A conversation with E-Man from the notorious NYC bike messenger crew, the X-Men.
—An interview with master documentarian Harvey Wang about capturing the overlooked side of New York.
—Bongwater/Shimmy Disc man Kramer on debunking the paranormal and the time Peter Hook took him for a spin around the back streets of Manchester.

This is all served up alongside short stories courtesy of @applesal92 and @longstaffwizard, some choice Maine license plates snapped by Jake Frost, a brief chat with Jonathan Richman about his side-job making bread ovens, some words about Bob Dylan from @rivbike founder Grant Petersen and some spiel about the mysterious 35mm photos which have been adorning Jandek record sleeves since the 70s."