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Volume 3, Issue 3 “Sound” Fall 2019

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cover: Tony Cardona by Jeremie Infelise, James Meliota by Bryon Farley

📸A lot of photos (this could also be “the photo issue.”)
❌Sound Manufacturing with Frankie Benevides, Jr. (great Massachusetts clothing company from the 90s)
♨️I wrote about the soundscape of Ells Bells’ ‘On the Down Low’
❓‘What Band did They Ride To?” a crossword puzzle by Ian Fleming
💆‍♂️Entry 005 of Richard Mungall’s column ‘The Freestyle Experience’ which discusses the relationship of sound and freestyle
📸‘Sequence of Events’ by Sam Waller
〰️Curvature Counsel: Sound Waves by Chester Jones
🎚Will Taubin: a short interview about DJing/production
💤From the folks that brought you ‘Learn How to Have Fun’ comes Loafers: a new column centered around big bikes/other forms of cycling
⛓’Hungry for the Message’ by Pat Klacza, a short essay on the allure of revisiting hardcore music for its straight to the point message these past few years
💯’Tony Cardona: Top 3 Songs to Bump in Various Situations’ interview by Matt Gaspar
🎸Matty Aquizap on Music
🍺NEBB Top 10 Sounds of BMX by NEBB
📻 Radio as Art with Radius: a Q&A with Jeff Kolar
✏️Some great drawings by Dan Hanafin reconfiguring bike parts as musical instruments