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Volume 3, Issue 4 “Chicago” Winter 2019/2020

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cover: Timmy Theus, Mike Parisi, Alex Duleba by David Leep

🍸“Bruschetta, martinis, and dream-planes—life is good at Bruna’s Ristorante” by Michael P. Daley
⛱Lake (Michigan) Jumping w/ Alejandro Bedoya by Nick Ferreira
🏭The Freestyle Experience Entry 006: Chicago Memories by Richard Mungall
🚴‍♂️Chicago Bars by Loafers
🛣A Brief History of Chicago Flatland by Erik Matsunaga
🏀Sequence of Events words & photos by Sam Waller
🌊 Curvature Counsel: Chicago Seawall by Chester Jones
🍔Pergl's Picks: Food & Spots by Bob Pergl
⚠️Brian Kachinsky on: A Large Drop, Photo vs. Video, and What He Loves About Chicago
🚙Skitching by Matt VanAcker
🔼Chicago Skateparks by Nick Ferreira
🎥All Those Chicago Films You Never Bothered To Watch by Henny Brindle
🏢Spot Reference: University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)
🌳The Garden by Matt VanAcker
🇵🇱 The Poland/Chicago Connection with Pawel Bronkowski
♟ (mini)Spot Reference: Icky Park
📸A bunch of great photos spanning the past 10 years of Chicago BMX by Tim Burkhart, David Leep, and Daniel Peter. Thanks so much y’all.