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Volume 4, Issue 1 Summer 2020

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cover: Gervais Rousseau by Ben Gea

❓One question with Gervais Rousseau about how to maintain motivation to ride even into your 50s
🔨Curvature Counsel: Liquor Town Backbone: a backyard masterpiece in British Columbia by Chester Jones
🤔Scrappin’ by Bob Scerbo, bob discusses policing spots in a time of calls to defund the police
🚂An interview with Mike Brodie, photographer, BMXer, diesel mechanic, and freight train aficionado
🚲The Freestyle Experience by Richard Mungall, Richard interviews Anthony Malvaiso about his journey from riding street to road cycling and how he relates it back to BMX.
🚙Detroit, MI Scene Report by Nick Ferreira
🌄Colorado photo essay by Tim Burkhart
💨 Craig Reynolds interview about his seminal company Reynolds Racing
📷 Sequence of Events by Sam Waller, Owain Clegg, Mad Max, avocado toast, and high-rises
📚 Book & Zine Reviews by Nick Ferreira
👹Tight Transition Fanatical Worship by Depth Leviathan Dweller, Barrier Kult originator’s ode to ritual practitioners of tight transition BMXers
💲Challenger Classifieds
🤘🏼lots of other sick photos