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Volume 4, Issue 2 Winter 2020/2021

$2.50 / On Sale

cover: Yazan Odeh by Rick Anderson

🗞24 pages featuring color cover, back cover, and center spread.
🖼Lots of A+ photos like any good BMX publication should have (big thanks to all the photographers)
🧦 Sock Reviews by Nick Ferreira. Why not? Good socks are a game changer.
🇬🇧 Sequence of Events by Sam Waller
🔥 John Corts & JC Metal Works: an interview about frame building by frame builder Matt Gaspar
👨‍🍳 Challenger Bureau of Labor: Blaise Russotti & Cooking for Michellin rated restaurants
💲Spot Check: Family Dollar Retension Basin, Phoeniz, AZ with intel from Lance Palko
🌲Evergreen Skateparks: an interview with Catherine Coulon
🗄Collection of 70s skateparks from the pages of 1970s Skateboarder Magazine
🏊 Curvature Counsel: Villa Mairea by Chester Jones AKA what’s perhaps the design for the original rideable swimming pool by Alvar Aalto
🌊Spot Reference: “The Wave” in Halifax Nova Scotia b/w an interview with Donna Hiebert, the artist that created The Wave
🐉 The Dragon’s Nest 2.0: a filled in skatepark in Farmington Maine that was dug up over the summer featuring an interview with Director of Parks and Recreation, Matthew L. Foster
with photographs by Bryon Farley @thebryonfarley @farmington_rec_department
🍶The Freestyle Experience 008: Thomas Hirat by Richard Mungall an interview about Thomas’s job as the director of Le Musée du Four des Casseaux, a porcelain museum in Limoges, France
🥋Orlando & The Make an interview about The Make Crew
🚲📈2021 Cycling Trend Forecasting via ‘Lil Chair Bike Shop AKA Loafers HQ